Apollo e-Cig Review (w/Coupon)

Apollo e-Cigarettes have proven to be one of the best electronic cigarettes of 2013. Not many brands can match the quality and the taste of Apollo ecigs. Read our full review!

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eCigarette Giveaway

The Apollo Mini Extreme Kit is just enough for you to experience electronic cigarettes. Apollo is giving it away for free so you can taste and feel the quality Apollo offers. Just pay $4.95 for shipping and handling!

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V2 Cigs Review

V2 e-cigs imitate the effect of traditional cigarette smoking but can be used anywhere and anytime you want even at public places as they create no smoke. Read our review to learn more about what V2 has to offer!

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No Flame eCig (Trial)

With No Flame eCig it's an opportunity like no other! For a limited time No Flame is offering a quality kit for only $4.95.

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Green Smoke eCig

Green SmokeĀ® electronic cigarettes is a revolutionary new way to smoke. This elegant e-cigarette has a patent-pending 2 part design that is effortless to assemble and easy to maintain.

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E Cigarette Buying Tips

Selecting the right electronic cigarette is the best way to commence an effective program that would most likely assist you quit smoking. Such a choice can also help you cut down on your nicotine consumption or simply discover a cheaper and more accessible way to rejoice in your habit. Choosing the ideal e-cig design for [...]

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking has many ill effects not only for the smoker’s health but is equally harmful for the persons around them. An electronic cigarette can be a practical alternate for the people who want to quit smoking but could not succeed in it. Some of the top reasons why should you switch to electronic cigarettes provided [...]

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3 simple tips and tricks in using an E-cig

Since its inception in 2003, e-cigs have transformed the way smokers satisfy their demands for nicotine. Of recent, more and more people are embracing this new technological wonder. This has saved most smokers, and non-smokers alike, from the toxins produced by traditional smoke. Therefore, smokers are safe from tar, ammonia, benzene and carbon monoxide. In [...]

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