3 simple tips and tricks in using an E-cig

Since its inception in 2003, e-cigs have transformed the way smokers satisfy their demands for nicotine. Of recent, more and more people are embracing this new technological wonder. This has saved most smokers, and non-smokers alike, from the toxins produced by traditional smoke. Therefore, smokers are safe from tar, ammonia, benzene and carbon monoxide.

In every story, there are always two sides. That is because E cigarette owners have several concerns. Some of these concerns include unsuitable vaporization of the nicotine fluid found in electronic cigarettes. Other inappropriate concerns involve battery failure, atomizer breakdown, cigarette heat-up, and blinking LEDs.

Once such troubles come up, the very first thing to do is obtaining a new kit. Although buying a new substitute e-cig kit can certainly resolve the problem, there is no need to spend your cash when you only need simple preservations to solve the issues. Here in this article, we are going to talk about tips and tricks that will help in utilizing e-cigs. With these tips, you may end up utilizing them correctly.

Tip 1: First time use
It is undeniable that the first stages are the most vital ones. When using the e-cig for the very first time, make sure that the battery is fully charged. It is advisable that you charge it for more than four hours – even though the LED may be displaying that the battery is fully charged. In addition, when charging it, keep the electronic cigarette perpendicularly with the battery facing down and the cartridge up. It is true that keeping your hands off from your new e-cig can be tempting. Therefore, using the e-cig without charging it can entirely hinder the lifespan of the cigarette.

Tip 2: Vapor concerns with the E-cig
Incase the e-cig is not producing the expected amount of vapor; you will have to charge the battery. If that does not work out, examine the cartridge of your e-cig, and see if it contains enough fluid that is supposed to initiate the vaporization. Even though it is intermittence, even a brand new cartridge is able to misplace its fluid due to a manufacturing deficiency. The fluid may as well be replaced because you have left an unused cartridge sitting open. That is why you will need to examine the cartridge and ensure that its filaments are damp with some nicotine fluid.

However, if everything seems to be okay yet the e-cig does not create the right amount of vapor, then there is a high possibility that the cartridge has a bad atomizer. All you need to do is clean the atomizer. Always note that with every e-cigarette brand, the atomizer is in-built within its cartridge. Therefore, there is no need for preservation. For every new cartridge, you obtain a new and fresh atomizer.

Tip 3: Preservation of the E-cig 
When you sense a drop in quantity of vapor produced by the e-cig, then know that your atomizer needs some looking after. Cleaning of an atomizer is a difficult task to most people. Through correct steps, anyone has the capability to clean an atomizer.

To clean an atomizer, you will need a spoon, paper towel and a mug of warm water. For starters, you will need to undo the e-cig and remove this part – atomizer. Immerse the atomizer into the mug and use the spoon to swirl it. In the next 10 to 15 minutes, you will notice certain façade on the water. Then wash the atomizer and dry it with the paper towel. You can repeat this procedure, if necessary.

You should always remember these tips since they will help you maximize the advantages of an e-cig.

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