Privacy Policy

Visitors at can ensure the privacy of all personal details they have provided to the site. Any pieces of information obtained at, as well as the process of using these significant details, are outlined and explained in this privacy policy.

Log Details

As with any other websites, several log details are used and collected by These details contain the visitors’ IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. Other details gathered by the website include the Internet Service Provider (ISP), type of browser used by visitors, exiting or referring pages, total number of clicks to analyze the trends, movement of users around the website, and several other demographic information that are useful in the proper administration of In addition, any personal details other than the ones enumerated previously remain separated from the user’s IP address and linked information to ensure the site visitor’s privacy.

Information Gathered at the Website

The website gathers personal information about the visitors in a number of ways including online forms that are filled out upon ordering or purchasing the products or services featured at Moreover, site visitors are encouraged to provide relevant personal details voluntarily. The privacy policy also covers essential information about the total number of views obtained by each web page of the site or domain visited, details about any customizations of the web pages depending on the type of browser used, and information provided by site visitors using their preferred web browser.

Use of Information may use any personally identifiable details in contacting site visitors. This is performed to offer various services and products, as well as to minimize fraudulent activities and enhance the overall experience of visitors to the website. These details obtained may also be utilized in advertising, selling, and marketing of the services and products featured at

Outbound Links and Third Party Websites may include links to other sites for your reference. However, these sites may use cookies, which is not under the control or influence of Third party websites and several advertising networks may send relevant details about links and advertisements by using the web browser. Furthermore, other technologies may be used by third party websites in assessing the effectiveness of these advertisements or any changes made in the content.

Disclosure of Personal Information Collected

Any details or pieces of personal information obtained by remains secured and will not be disclosed by keeping these apart from data collected from site visitors. Users of the website can expect the privacy of all their personal details, as these will never be provided or disclosed to potential investors or partners of the website. On the other hand, these significant details about the site users shall be used solely for the betterment and enhancement of the business.

Maintenance of Collected Information

At, visitors can rely on the privacy of their personal details, as maintained by the site. Standard and reliable security measures are utilized by the site in protecting personal information disclosed by site users.