The Advantage and Disadvantage of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

Simply put, electronic cigarettes, commonly known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, are battery-operated device, specifically designed to be used like the regular conventional cigarettes. The operation of an e-cigarette is based on the atomization of a nicotine liquid solution which gives the user a feeling just like the one he derives from smoking a normal cigarette. There are numerous notable benefits as well as dangers of using the e-cigs. Here is a look into the advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarettes. Read on.

Benefits of E-cigs

* Healthier Alternative

The most significant benefit offered by e-cigarettes is the fact that they have less serious effects on the health of the users than the ordinary cigarettes. This can be attributed to the fact it only contains nicotine and various substances that enhance taste. Otherwise, it doesn’t have the harmful ingredients such as tar, arsenic, formaldehyde, acetone, carbon monoxide as well as carcinogenic substances that are present in normal cigarettes.

Additionally, people who smoke e-cigarettes are free from yellow fingers and discolored teeth.

* No Passive Smokers

Unlike the conventional cigarettes, the people around a person smoking an e-cigarette cannot be affected. This is chiefly because electronic cigarettes don’t emit smoke; instead they emit vapor which vanishes into the air, leaving no odor or any harmful substances. As such, passive smoking is completely impossible and you can thus smoke socially without any worry about the effects on your family, relatives and friends.

* Safety

You don’t need lighters or matches to light an e-cigarette. They don’t have real flames; only a red light that turns on at every puff you take. This means that the chance of accidentally starting a cigarette fire is completely eliminated. What’s more? The smoking devices are not burnt relieving you of the need for ashtrays.

# E-cigarette Demerits

According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, FDA, smoking electronic cigarettes is dangerous. This can be attributed to the traces of toxic chemicals found in their formulation. Here are some of the drawbacks of e-cigarettes.

* Difficult to Inhale

Smokers often find it hard to use the e-cigarettes. According to studies done by researchers in the University of California, the density of aerosol dropped after the first few puffs. The smoker therefore requires stronger suction to produce the aerosol. As a result, smokers need more cartridges and puff more so that they ca attain the desired nicotine levels. This strong suction can lead to lung damage.

* Questionable Ingredients

There are some brands of electronic cigarettes that contain toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol which is often used in anti-freeze. This chemical has been associated with respiratory problems. Beside the diethylene glycol, e-cigs contain compounds such as nitrosamines that can cause cancer. If the cigarette breaks accidentally, the users will be exposed to these harmful components.

The cigarettes also contain Tetramethylpyrazine which can result to brain damage. Additionally, there are traces of carcinogenic substances found in two popular brands of these types of cigarettes.

Before you opt to use the e-cigarettes, its important that you weigh the benefits against the drawbacks and thus make an informed choice.

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